No space in bed for a feminist

Man, Woman, Jewelry

I’m one of those annoying feminists wanting to challenge the wold view on what women should or shouldn’t do. Be beautiful; be sexy… but not too sexy! “Too sexy may seem trashy”. And be intelligent ,don’t be a smart ass though. And don’t say anything nasty against your fellow gals; you don’t wanna be a bitch.

I say do it. Be loud be frumpy be happy any and every way you know how. And be strong. Anytime a male treads on the stereotypical I’m first in line to challenge that thinking; “It’s so lazy not to take the time to get to know individuals but rather accept stereotypes as truth”. admittedly I don’t take lighthearted jokes as such… my scale of reaction being based on a belief  that the small daily “attacks” are the foundation of rape, molestation and abuse. I war against men who constantly replenish their idea of women being inferior. Imposing and strengthening that belief in each other (and sadly succeeding to impose it on women too) is dangerous.

But there’s no space for that in bed! Sensuality and pleasure involve vulnerability and a little profanity. If its gonna be fun im going to play those stereotypes and lure him- be that object, that’s the fun for me. To be carefree and lax out.  It’s not fun or sexy to me to want to dominate or be equal all the time (sometimes of course).

I hate to admit it but I am the inferior party in the bed (male-female relationship). If I “just wanna have fun” and hook up or in a long-term relationship; he will get up and go unscaved every single time but one time or another I will change form.  I might change and no one will see during the day or worse my whole body could fall pregnant. There is no 50/50 there. He’s 100 percent satisfied (by natures design pregnancy only happens if he’s satisfied, it makes no difference or consequence if I am) . And I am changed- I’ll look it in a few months ( and go through the bulk of the emotion alone).

It pisses me off frankly. I felt the same when I sat out of swimming and boys jumped in anytime of the month, I felt the same when I realised I would have the kids plus work, and everything else males do – being a woman disillusioned by the prospect of a real 50/50.

But that’s just the way it is.

Maturity might mean realising that in fact, women get the sweeter deal. We are stronger and more capable, it doesn’t hold us back, we have been thriving for ever. You bring life into the world and get to experience creative power. It’s a glorious thing?




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