Oh the star of my soul fell at the wrong time. It smashed and scattered me far. I would take a voyage to find the mates of my soul. Those whose hearts found the world not what they expect.

The star would have stayed up longer but it plummeted with great suddenness,  there was no time to acclimatise. There is no trying now for my heart has found out, that the vessel is strange and the earth seems an enemy.

Bless me, there must be a reason the orbits ejected it. The heart rests not until it knows. I will soon voyage to find tge reason and hope I find on my way the other scatterings of the star. That will make me happy to be alive and open my sleeping eyes to how short life is.

For here days are too long for the words not understood.  I wish the star return but I am closer to the end now than the beginning.  May I rather finish that I may rest my fallen heart. There may be reward at the end, or there might be another voyage.

– There was a fault my dear, of the sort that cannot be reversed. It brought you on a thundering star much sooner than you were expected. Hode my dear, run faster for there are heels to be cut if u dont hasten your step. Forget being understood child, be content with being unmoved. But run… the hearts of your star are running too, but your paths will never meet. Your mates you will never know, just as the reason for the stars tumble.


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