Katlego blogged?


About love and life, passions that she allowed to take her too far. Mostly she blogged literature, to turn wierd, crazy, stupid ideas into a word of sincerity; thats why she writes, to express the sincere moments in a way that cleanses her soul of the debris of everyday life and allows a moment of truth.

Im Kat, Im a saint and a savage…welcome to my blog and thanx for visiting.

This blog is about freeing my unique and not so unique expression, Il be writing on the santity and savigry of our time all wrapped in poetry and short stories about  adventure, love, passion, the state of todays individual and something beyond the possible .

About me: I also sketch and sculpt here and there and I dabble in  engineering at work. So I have a heap of unused imagination to spill out! And thats why Im starting this blog; to spill! Im starting to consider that someone else out there might use  literature that mirrors the faith we may lose along the way… faith in God, in miracles, in magic, in each other and maybe, in ourselves. And the faith we may gain, or rather learn. Or the savagry we may discover, or adapt.

It will be weird and ramdom(I mean wonderful! )…Lets see what happens!!


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